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Lesley's Lines of Liveliness

Don't confuse The Strong with The Perfect

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My name is Lesley and I'm 25 years old. I am a nurse, studying to become an English teacher. I love working with patients, but I discovered that I like working with students even more.

I guess that I qualify as an awkward person:
* I prefer staying in over going out (even when travelling).
* My favorite hobby is embroidery.
* I don't like sports, except for dance. And it shows. I need to lose weight, but I don't obsess about it, so I mostly just watch what I eat and listen to my nutritionist.
* I used to love being a nurse, but lately, I doesn't challenge me enough anymore.
* I try any kind of odd flavored tea that I can get my hands on.
* I'm not pretty. Nor do I have the illusion that I ever will be. I don't mind that I'm not, because I try to be unique in different ways.
* I write from time to time, about any kind of subject that interests me.
* I once tried out for a television show. I auditioned for a live audience and failed miserably.
* I care for others so much, that I often forget myself in the process.

My journal is very personal, and therefore very private. I don't want to stack up on LJ friends to 'increase my number', because I only want to trust those that deserve it, with my life stories. If you want to add me, just let me know.

Much love,


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